Building a Biblical Church

I really intended to update this before now, but I’ve been engaged in, as the title of this article states: “Building a Biblical Church”.

Now, that doesn’t mean a building full of plebes, being led by one man who stands up front, six-feet above correction. What it means is allowing the Lord to build his own Church, the Body of Christ, according to the pattern He established through the Apostles, and in His own time. That pattern is Family. That’s what Jesus wants His Church to be about. Not buildings or Pastors, but Family. Such a church is led by Elders. There is only one person in charge, and that’s our elder Brother, Jesus.

That is the message which comes through so clearly, it’s amazing that for some 2000-years, from Clement of Rome’s letter to the Corinthians, wherein he applied the order of the Jewish Temple to the Church, Christians have passively permitted their leaders to build a system that fails to conform to the pattern established by the Scriptures for church organization. This is hypocrisy, plain and simple.

All the nonsense that has been a bane upon the Church came from the imaginations of the Early Church Fathers who, because they didn’t have the fully-compiled Bible at their disposal, came up with a lot of strange things. But, once the Church had the complete Bible to test itself by, they pulled shenanigans similar to those of the Scribes and Pharisees, developing Traditions through which they judged the Scriptures, instead of judging themselves by the Scriptures. What Jesus condemned and called the “Traditions of Men”, separated Man from the knowledge of God, and the Traditions of the Church have produced similar fruit.

The Church is now in bondage to buildings, pastors and a load of anti-biblical traditions. It rejects the clear teaching of the Scripture in so many areas. The only solution is to allow the Church to be rebuilt by the Lord Himself, according to the Bible; not Traditions or the imaginations of theologians and men.

I would ask you, dear Reader, to pray that the Lord would continue working in this area, and that willing workers would be raised up, for the task at hand is tremendous.


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