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May 27, 2008
As you can see by the last post, kblogger works! One button-press and there’s a little program that blogs, and that’s all. Okay, enough for now; I have to pick up a bering for the jackshaft on my recumbent trike.


Trying A New Blogging Utility

May 27, 2008
Well, attempt #1 failed with not only no posting, but the program itself crashed. Let’s try again, shall we?

We’re testing out a blogging program for KDE4 today. It’s called “Kblogger” (of course), and it’s in alpha right now, so the results are going to be varied.

I’ve been looking for something that would facilitate quick entries like this; something that didn’t involve a major operation (which is why my blog here is so inactive).

So, let’s post this and see what comes up omn the other end (you, the reader’s end, that is).