A New Venue

Well, I’ve moved away from Blogger and the whole atom thing because the program for KDE, called Kblogger, won’t interface with KDE-3 properly.

The program, designed for KDE-4, has issues with KDEs wallet feature and the older KDE-3 version doesn’t support atom. So, having read how well WordPress’s Movable Type worked, I installed Gnome’s “drivel” blogging client, and after fiddling around with addresses, I think I’ve managed to get this thing working. Posting, of course, will tell the tale.

What has this do do with Dispensationalism and dispensational thoughts? Not much, really, but we dispensationalists don’t have a problem with using things in the world. After all, God gave us things to do, and writing about dispensationalism and rightly dividing the Word of God is one of those things He gave to me. Ergo, a small, stable tool to do the writing is needed. I hope this works !


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