Pharmacists for Life Coming Under Fire

There’s a group of Pharmacists, some of whom are also members of the household of faith, who have organized themselves against the tide of immorality and murder that has swept the nation. They don’t sell contraceptives of any sort. And, as to be expected, the media is working overtime to make them look like a bunch of repressive idiots! Suggestions were put forth on ABC, that perhaps more states should pass laws to force Pharmacists to sell them, regardless.

From where I sit, these folks are to be applauded. They are standing up for their beliefs in the face of an assault brought upon them by a society that never fails to make exception for every sort of restriction that might be placed upon people’s sexual conduct. Society, with very few exceptions, makes excuses for all manner of immorality that Mankind can commit.

The Bible is pretty clear about fornication, homosexuality, and abortion, just as it is on the subject of hypocrisy. The Bible would teach us that it would be hypocritical to say you are against conduct and activities that the Bible speaks against, and yet, to make money by selling products and services which contribute to, or make possible, the very things one has spoken against. A Christian pharmacist cannot sell contraceptives in any form, any more than a Christian doctor can abort babies.

If someone, Christian or not, has a legitimate, (non-immoral), need for these products, under the current conditions, they should do business with a different Pharmacy, not take them before the law, in an effort to force them to do something which is Sin in the eyes of the pharmacist concerned.

If more of us adopted this view, we would make much more of a difference than we do today.


One Response to “Pharmacists for Life Coming Under Fire”

  1. Chris Moran Says:

    Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

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