The Christian and the Political Cycle

Well Brothers, Sisters and friends, yet another political season is upon us and also is the flurry of singular questions asked of me, by almost every professing Christian I come across: “Who should I vote for?”, “What party is most Christian?”, “Should I get involved in the political process at some level?”.

Being blunt, as I tend to be with such questions which, to me at least, have painfully obvious answers, I reply (in reverse order), No you shouldn’t, None of them, and, Whoever best claims to represent your beliefs and worldview.

For my readers, a little more explanation is in order, I think.

Understand that as a true Christian, a member of the one Body of Christ, the true Church, God teaches us through the Scriptures that our seat of government is in heaven; that it exist now, today. In heaven is where our leadership resides and that’s where we will also reside one day. That’s where our long term goals and vision are to be focused. Politics is about this world and it’s long term goals and vision, which are universally opposed to God and His perfect will.

That, however, just begs the question of Christian political involvement. There are issues, in every community where Christians are found, of a political nature that are short term; Issues that, while not great in the world’s eyes would, nevertheless, have a profound effect upon the most helpless of people and, wherever implemented, give glory to God. Those are areas where the Christian should be involved. Christians should not run for office or work for candidates or parties. There are very good reasons for the jokes about politicians, moving lips and lies. Parties have become so hypocritical that no true Christian could rightly identify with any of them. Dirty tricks, Nixon, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Clinton, Bush. Those are names of recent note that typify the condition and nature of politicians and their parties. They are only getting worse. Such conditions, although not well known, are to be found in state and local government in every state of the Union, without exception. The reason is that human leadership systems are fertile fields for the expansion of Sin. We should obey the Scripture and pray for them. We have no reason to become one of them.

There is another factor to consider in the question of Christian political involvement. Since we, like the Apostle Paul, are awaiting our prize: the high calling in Christ Jesus, which could happen at any moment; Do we really want to be one of those suffering regret for wasting our sojourn here on activities that only serve to draw attention to ourselves, instead of to the Lord Jesus Christ? It’s something to think about, indeed.

When it comes to individual voting choices, we cannot forget that, even the best candidate for an office is still a son of Adam. They, just like all of us, are sinners by nature, and will succumb to Sin’s temptations, at all levels of political involvement and especially, at the federal level. So, when at all possible, select candidates based upon their records. What have they done? Prayerfully select the lesser of the available evils, because there are no candidates that can be called biblically “good”. The best men are corrupted by the temptation to wealth and power. Washington lives on them, and they eat politicians like candy. The world of politics is no place for a Christian, except as a witness for Jesus Christ to their enslaved souls; not as a power broker.

We have learned to rightly divide the Word of Truth and that Word, when dealt with rightly, confirms the belief of many that Mankind’s efforts will not save the world. They will not bring peace or end hunger and poverty. So many, ignorant of, or ignoring, right division, are deceived. One of the great goals of the Enemy has been to blind the eyes and cloud the minds of people of God to the Truth of the Living Word, and the Written Word. To blind, especially, to the truth of right division, knowing well that truth can never be found; can never be learned; can never be understood and applied to our lives, unless the Word is rightly divided as to its subjects and its times or dispensations.

If you, Dear Reader, have made it this far, then may God the Father of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, teach and bless you and give you His mind as you determine to cast your one vote for the future of those with whom you dwell, in your sojourn through this fallen world.


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