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The Ground Zero Mosque and Other Noisome Issues

August 19, 2010

I can’t believe how much craziness has become associated with this mosque question. Liberals and conservatives can’t seem to get their tiny political brains around this issue. Not that any of them will ever read this, maybe someone will stumble across it and go check-out the history of the Mohammedans and how they behave in countries where they are strong because, that’s what is going to happen here if we can’t dispose of this political correctness nonsense,

All the uproar over a mosque that the Mohammedans want to build at Ground Zero in NYC could be dealt with if we in the West, including the pundits and talking heads, would first, dump this political correctness nonsense, and second, take the time to learn about the religion of the Mohammedans, called Islam, and its history.

Islam is not like the Baptists and the Pentecostals. It is not like the Catholics and Protestants. It is not like the Christians and the Jews. It doesn’t even worship the same deity. Islam is not “just” a religion. It is a religious, political and social authoritarian philosophy which, when fully implemented, encompasses, controls and dictates all aspects of life. It is my belief that when the Founders penned the First Amendment, they did not have Islam in mind.


Because Islam cannot stand with the Constitution. Islam must crush the Constitution. It cannot allow individual thought or choice concerning the worship of God, which is protected by the Constitution, or with the selection of the leaders of the country. With Islam, the concept of individual or inalienable rights does not exist. In lands where they are not strong, like the U.S.A., the Mohammedans are taught to be “moderate”: to blend into the culture and not cause an offense. That all changes, however, when Islam comes to power in a country. In Islamic countries, where they are strong, such as most Middle Eastern countries or Indonesia, thousands have been killed for straying away from Islam, among other things.

Consequently, I do not believe that the First Amendment applies to all religions and all religious practices. The Founders expected us to use our brains and common sense when confronting these issues. Sadly, we as a nation, have allowed the inmates to take over the asylum and govern with political correctness, which is just a synonym for hypocrisy. Our Constitution and nation should not be forced to submit itself to a religion, philosophy and people who would destroy it in obedience to the dictates of their false god. Nevertheless, should that happen, I would not be surprised. God’s judgment on this nation for it’s collective sins of legalized murder of the unborn and our embrace of homosexuality, just might come at the hands of the Mohammedans.

That being said, what does the presence of a mosque mean? First, a mosque is a Mohammedan place for religious worship, social activities and political education. In the past, the practice was established to erect them on the rubble of religious buildings in the lands they conquered. That is why there is a mosque on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. It’s an Islamic celebration and a proclamation of Islam’s pretended victory over YHWH. That is why they want to build one close to Ground Zero. It’s a celebration of their victory over the false god of the United States: Finance and Trade.

It’s all there to read in the Koran; in the later parts of the Koran that are are considered “better” than the earlier parts which proclaim peaceful Islam, that is. The Imams have an answer for everything.

As a sidebar, there was a Greek Orthodox church building destroyed in the 9/11 attack. They would like to rebuild but no one will so much as give them the time of day, let alone a place to rebuild. No one is bending over backwards to fund the project. No Mayor or President is speaking out in support of such an activity. Can you smell that? Is it liberal progressive hypocrisy? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

The question today is: Should a member of the One Body care if one is built near the Trade Center memorial site? Yes, but only to a point.

Christians should be compassionate towards those who are lost and hurting. 9/11 made for a lot of hurting people who are also lost (How many times did we hear the question: Why did a loving God allow this to happen?). Yet, we should not become entangled in worldly things. II Timothy 2:4 reads:
“No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.”
Would it “please him who hath chosen him”, not to respect the feelings of the survivors of the victims of the attack by ignoring the mosque question?

Personally, I don’t care about the thing because the mosque is going to burn. All the mosques will burn; Just as every professing Christian edifice ever built will also burn. II Peter 3:7 reads: “But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.” Perhaps that’s one reason Paul wrote II Timothy 2:4 above. Because Sin is part of Creation, Creation must be purged by fire and by fire it will be purged.

I believe that Christians should stand for healing the hearts and minds of those who were touched personally by the Islamic terrorist attack of 9/11. We should erect a hedge of prayer about them and try to answer their questions compassionately and Biblically. We should not step into the realm of emotionalism or political solutions; The former leads us to nonsensical explanations and latter does not exist because of political correctness.

Some may ask; What about the Mohammedans? Aren’t they lost, too? Yes, they are and it’s a shame, but, we also need to understand that Islam is like a quicksand: Once you get caught-up in it, it’s nearly impossible to dislodge oneself. You see, with the Mohammedans, changing your religion isn’t allowed. You could lose your head! Most people aren’t interested in that.

So, what can we do for them? Just pray for them. God has, in response to prayer and out of His Grace, raised up individuals who He empowers to minister the Gospel to the Mohammedans. Leave that work to them.

There’s another issue I’d like to talk about: Homosexual Marriage. It’s making a lot of noise down in the Land of Fruits and Nuts, otherwise known as California.

So what! It was not mankind who invented or defined marriage. The term can be changed. Let the Sodomites call it whatever they want. What difference does it make? Christians can call it something else. We can burn all our man-issued marriage certificates. It does not change the fact that God has decreed marriage is between one man and one woman, God has established the family as one man, one woman for life, with children. It is God to whom we are responsible, not other men. The edicts issued by the Sin-corrupted minds of man-made judges are none of our concern. We don’t have to play in waters muddied by perverts and pundits.

As for both of these issues, let’s just let those who are entangled in worldly affairs concern themselves with this stuff. We all have our opinions. You’ve read mine and really, they’re not worth much. So to heck with them. Besides, we all know plenty of people who do not want to suffer God’s judgment; People who are waiting to hear and receive the Gospel. They are waiting to be encouraged by us. Encouraged to hear from and believe what God has said. We need to spend our time learning to be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit so that when we encounter these people, we can encourage them with the Gospel, when they are ready to receive it, according to God’s timing.

May God bless you all.