The Never-Changing Political Landscape

Do you ever ask yourself why things in government and politics never seem to change? Well, I do, and I also look for the answers. Because I believe that, while government derives its authority to exist from God, the people who make-up government are, for the most part, slaves to Sin and Satan, and are incapable of separating good from evil and have resorted to compartmentalization to avoid insanity. This explains why politics is a bizarre world where nothing is as it seems. Consider the image I drew, below.

The Never-changing political landscape.

How do you like that graphic illustration? I wish I could say it was my idea, but I can’t. I first saw a drawing like this on the Glenn Beck program, on Fox News. It expressed, to a tee, the image I was seeing in my mind whenever politicians started making promises on the campaign trail, and then proceeding to break them all after the election.

As a sidebar here, now that I’ve discovered that I can use HTML in my blog, I can incorporate a lot of neat things I’ve only dreamed about in the past!

What brought this up was a recent article I read on by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown titled: "Ann, we won’t defend you this time."

They authors are upset because Ann Coulter is going to speak to a group of homosexuals and Sodomites who call themselves "GOProud." As they dug deeper into the issue, they discovered to their chagrin that this kind of corruption; this hypocrisy, runs deep and wide in the "conservative" political-social world.

Well, that should come as no surprise, folks. After all, most people in this world embrace their sin and glorify it! Of course, they don’t acknowledge it as "sin", they say it’s personal "freedom," or something akin to that, whatever the sin happens to be.

When we move away from the Word of God and substitute in its place the Wisdom, (read Ignorance), of Mankind, we expose ourselves to all manner of contradiction, hypocrisy, and evil in general.

If we simply took God at his Word, we would understand that this whole homosexual thing is simply another manifestation of Mankind’s sinful nature. God identifies it for us, because of the corrupt nature of our minds, in the Law of Moses and tells us to avoid it because of the consequences associated with pursuing this particular sin. The particulars of the manifestation aren’t important. It’s just something we should, with God’s help, avoid and resist.

How is that related to the government and corruption? Just look at Barney Frank! I mean, he’s a colossal pervert, if there ever was one; corrupt to the core, yet he’s always called upon by, Fox News, for example, when they want information about finance and/or real estate issues. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we can’t equate political conservatism and righteousness. It is the government, along with the public school system, trade unionists, and the homosexual lobby, who spend millions trying to convince us that evil is good, and good is evil. They tell us that Republicans are for business and they hate the poor, while the Democrats are all about the "working man" and against the "Corporation". As we can see by the chart above, both parties are on the side of the line that represents "Total Government Control". Whatever the government determines truth to be, is the truth for today.

This is starting to read a little like Orwell’s "1984", with the "Ministry of Truth" working overtime lying to the people of Oceania.

Is Ann Coulter becoming pro-homosexual? I doubt it. What she’s displaying, I think, is a tendency we all have to look for things we can agree upon, when dealing with people we don’t care all that much for, as opposed to looking for reasons to avoid them. It’s the popular thing to do these days. We try and compartmentalize different segments of our lives so we don’t have to deal with the ugliness (sin) we all have.

I entitled this post as "The Never-Changing Political Landscape" because, the more things change on the surface, the more they stay the same. That’s the nature of corruption. When steel becomes corrupt, we see corrosion (rust) on the surface, but we don’t always see the weakening of the metal beneath. Our government is going the way of all flesh, and soon, I believe, God will have had enough of it and the fools who populate its "hallowed" halls.


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