Westboro Baptist Church Came to Spokane

That’s right folks. Spokane and environs were "chastised" by several roving members of Fred Phelps’ sorry excuse for a church this past week. They crept in one evening, made a bit of noise and then left.

Westboto Baptist Protesting

Local media and some students in the area came out to flaunt their disapproval of Phelps’ crew, in the expected ways. The media subtlety berated them in their broadcasts and the homosexuals did, well, homosexual things in front of them. ‘Nuff said!

What struck me about the group was how much they were like your average political or religious group. I had intended to chase them down and "correct" their obviously confused theology and anti-biblical practices, but I talked myself out of it after the Lord caused me to see them for what they are: a group of lost souls clinging desperately to the things of this world, (1 John 2:15-16), because, that’s all they have.

The Lord took from my experiences with members from various "churches" in Christendom, and with various representatives of different political, social and educational philosophies that I am familiar with, and laid it all out for me. That convinced me that there would be nothing gained by talking with these people. Satan has so blinded their eyes to Truth, they wouldn’t recognize it if it slapped them across the face.

You remember this drawing from a few posts back:

I am amazed at how difficult it is for most people to comprehend that drawing. They stare at it and then deny what it is illustrating. So it is with Christendom. You can lead them to the truth in the Bible. You can explain how their traditions are not just against the Bible, but are actually replacing what the Bible teaches. You can warn them, from the Bible, of the dangers following a man exposes them to. You can even draw them a picture but, they refuse to see it.

Phelps & Crew seem to be under the impression that because they are not "fags", God doesn’t hate them. God hates Sin and they have just as fatal a case of Sin, as every other member of the Family of Man that has ever walked the face of the Earth! Changing your behavior is not the prescribed cure for this disease (Heb 11:6).

They also seem to believe that God is presently in the business of directly judging people for their sinful behavior. I, for one, am ever so thankful that He is not doing that: Thankful that I live in the Dispensation of Grace.

No, God didn’t blow up the shuttle. Sin did.

It is, I believe, our desire to be right concerning whatever our obsession is, that leads us into these groups and away from the Truth. Now, it is true that a lot of these groups, in their philosophies, contain some measure of Truth, they corrupt it with Mankind’s own made-up philosophies and traditions. Where the Church is concerned, it’s most easily seen in the ideas of a "church", organized from the top down, with an autocratic "leader" of one sort or another, sitting at the top, running the whole show and collecting all the cash! The theology of the Church being the "Bride of Christ" is yet another tradition that was invented in Man’s imagination, using bits of the Truth taken out of context, is another.

In the political realm, it’s Progressivism that causes so much trouble. Although, interestingly, had people listened to and believed what God had said about us in the Bible, there would be no "Progressives", as progressivism spins-off of Darwinism, from which comes the ignorant idea that white, Europeans are more highly evolved and are destined to rule over the world. If you follow that trail, you’ll quickly see how things would be so much better if we had only listened and believed God when He spoke to us.

So, I would say to the members of the Westboro Baptist Church, who are following after the teachings of Fred Phelps, stop and listen to what God has said. Read His words and turn away from the activity that misrepresents God and His position in this Dispensation of Grace. You’ve believed Phelps, who tossed the Scripture into a theological blender that he operates, who then dispenses the resulting lie to you as truth.

So, does God hate fags? Well, yes. He also hates straights. He hates Republicans and Democrats. He hates Muslims and Hindus too. White, black, red, yellow, brown (I think we are really all different shades of brown, but that’s a different subject), male, female, God hates anything and everything that is Sin. But, God loves the things He created even more than he hates them. He knows that we didn’t chose to be the way we are (Ps. 78:39). Because of the disobedience of one man (Romans 5:12), Adam, Sin entered into God’s creation and corrupted the whole thing.

Once you comprehend how repugnant Sin is to God, and that we all have it (Romans 3:23), you are then better able to appreciate His Grace which is extended to all Mankind, in all it’s fullness.

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2 Responses to “Westboro Baptist Church Came to Spokane”

  1. Rex King 2 Says:

    Brother I was hoping you would post something else before the Lord comes. There are many issues that you could speak about better than me. Please, please, please do.
    Your brother in Christ,

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