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Testing A New Client

April 30, 2011

Well, I’m at it again using a new piece of software called QTM. It’s a Qt4 program. Because this is just a bit of a test, this post won’t contain anything of significance. I’m just trying to see how well it works.
I was using a Qt4/KDE4 program called Bilbo Blogger (the name’s been changed to blogio or something like that) but it’s strong attachment to the KDE4 desktop makes it useless for me (you wouldn’t believe what I was doing in order to use it the little bit I did).

Well, let’s see if this will post. Okay?

Okay. The client posted the article but I had to come here to actually post it. Oh bother. Maybe I can do something about that later. New software is like that, at least it is with me.