Harold Camping: False Prophet

It’s Sunday, May 22, 2011. This is the day of the “Great Disappointment of 2011” for FamilyRadio.com, Harold Camping, and his devoted followers. I am so confident that the Lord Jesus will not rapture the Church on May 21, that I started writing this on May 19. There is one thing, however, that may eventually make all of us wish that Camping would have been right. For on May 19, 2011, President Obama, President Barack Hussein Obama, openly and proudly invited the wrath of God upon our nation by his arrogant siding with the sons of Ishmael (the ARABS) against Israel. We’ll get to that later. Now, I’m not one to gloat but Harold Camping was wrong (again) about the Rapture and the judgment to come. No matter how strongly you believe a thing, if it is not in accordance with God’s will, it’s not going to happen. God cannot be manipulated by human will. Here in Spokane, Washington, where I live, we saw manifested our share of Camping’s deceived followers. Though not a large number, they were quite convinced in their belief. They walked through large parks, shopping malls and stood on street corners passing out fliers. They drove up and down the streets in their cars, bedecked with announcements of Camping’s prophecy. I cannot help but wonder what they are doing today, after their version of the “Great Disappointment” has come to pass? For those of you who don’t know, the “Great Disappointment” refers to the failed “prophecy” of the Rapture and the end of the world as told by William Miller in 1843. Miller, who split off from the Baptists in the early 1800s, was a seminal element behind the Seventh Day Adventist movement. Many of the “Millerites,” as they were called, quit their jobs, sold their possessions, donned white “Ascension Robes, ” and stood upon their roofs awaiting the fulfillment of their dream. When it didn’t happen, Miller made the expected excuses and set a new date: October 22, 1844. That day became known as the “Great Disappointment of 1844.” Needless to say, Miller’s followers were disappointed and confused after both of his prophecies failed. Eventually, the Millerites disbanded and formed three different groups, one of which became the Seventh Day Adventests. Jehovah’s Witnesses taught that the second coming of Christ took place in 1914. More recently, Edgar Whisenant wrote a book entitled, 88 Reasons Why the Rapture Could Be in 1988. Of course, the Lord did not come in 1988. Not to be outdone by the initial failure, he presented his new theory: 89 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Take Place in 1989. It was humorously surmised that the added reason given in the new book might be this: "Reason #89—Because He did not come in 1988." Even the Catholics are not immune. I do not know what will become of FamilyRadio.com, Harold Camping, or his followers. I sincerely hope and pray that Camping’s disciples will recognize that their leader is a false prophet and will seek the Truth from the Lord through His Word, instead of listening to the imaginations of men like Harold Camping. My prayer for Camping is that he would repent quickly, for God frowns upon those who lead his children astray (Matt. 18:6). This should serve as a lesson to everyone who claims the Name of Christ. Hear what God has said and just believe it. You may not understand everything initially but, the danger of seeking out other sinful men to explain it to you is more dreadful than you can imagine. Man can help you with translating the words and with the history and cluture. Those elements, combined with a consistent set of rules for interpretation, will allow you, with the help of the indwelling Holy Spirit (assuming that you believed God and are born again, of course), to understand that God says what he means and means what He says. You don’t need priests, pastors, popes, ministers, or professors to tell you what the Bible means. You don’t need college degrees in this-ology or that-ology; those "ologies" being nothing more than the imaginations of men who should have spent more time studying their Bibles and less time striving to have "ologies" named after themselves. Think about it for a moment. God wrote the book. Don’t you think that He’s the most qualified to explain it to you? Yes, I know. Sometimes God uses men to accomplish His will. Did you get that last part? “… accomplish His will.” I don’t believe that all the different denominations of Christianity, to say noting for all the different religions, work to accomplish God’s will. God is not the author of confusion (1 Cor. 14:33). This plethora beliefs do the exact opposite. Leaving believers and non-believers alike trying to sort-out the morass of contradictory doctrines, deceptive teachings, and corrupt organizations. Too many believers ignore the problems, preferring the social life and their friends and associates at church to embracing and being embraced by the Truth. Non-believers aren’t really interested in hearing what “we” have to say. They are happy not to be entangled in that mess. Now, all of us who have heard and believed God have to contend with the fallout of another person who set-out, in folly and bald-faced defiance of God’s written Word, to set a date for the up-ward call (Phil 3:14), thereby bringing even more ridicule upon the Body of Christ than we have suffered in the past. If you, Dear Reader, are one of Camping’s disciples, please don’t do something foolish. This event did not catch God unawares. He knew this would happen. He can help you get back on the Biblical rails, which lead to Truth, if you will but trust Him.


One Response to “Harold Camping: False Prophet”

  1. Mel Steffor Says:

    The reason for the middle east conflict is because we are not in harmony. We are not in harmony because most of the world worships falso prophets

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