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Is the Great Tribulation Upon Us?

July 13, 2014

There’s an ancient Chinese curse that goes something like this: “May you live in interesting times”.

It seems like, we are living in “interesting” times, indeed.

There’s more than just a few people out there resurrecting the ghost of the post-tribulational rapture theory. This is more in response to current events than it is to biblical eschatology. As Dispensationalists, we must judge everything by the Word of God, rightly divided.

The Tribulation is described in the Word as something “such as has not happened from the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” (Matt. 24:21). Again: “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the sons of thy People [Israel]: and there shall be the great Tribulation, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time…” (Dan. 12:1). It is also referred to as: “… the time of Jacob’s trouble; but he shall be saved out of it.” (Jer. 30:27). All of these references come contextually from Scripture that concerns itself with Israel, not the Body of Christ.

The Great Tribulation is declared to be the Wrath of God: “And I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvellous, seven angels having the seven last plagues; for in them is filled up the wrath of God.” (Rev. 15:1), yet since the Body of Christ is delivered from that wrath: “Much more then, being now justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him.” (Rom. 5:9), why is it that so many professors insist upon dragging The Body into that wrath through the post-tribulation rapture theory?



Dangerous Truth Ahead.

Mankind is made up of Biblically-defined sinful creatures. There’s no denying it. The proof is in the pudding: everyone still dies and death, Biblically, is the wages of sin.

Sin corrupts everything it touches. It takes our very best intentions and turns them into filthy, stinking lies. ” Every one of them is gone back: they are altogether become filthy; There is none that doeth good, no, not one.” (Psalm 53:3).

“Every one of them …”. We are “them”. All of us. The Christian, a truly converted member of the Body is still one of “them”; with this single distinction, we have been declared righteous by virtue of the faith of Jesus Christ. And we are mostly alone because we have chosen to leave the “great house”, (II Tim. 2:20) and it’s “form of godliness” behind. We are persecuted by the religious system we have turned away from. They see us as weak and needy. Objects of ridicule and scorn. “All the brethren of a needy one do hate him: How much more do his friends withdraw from him? He seeketh words of friendship, But there are none.” (Prov. 19:7) Still, we have this comfort: “Yea, and all that desire to live godly in Christ Jesus shall be persecuted.” (II Tim. 3:12). Yes, that’s a comfort because it’s a conformation. We are comforted because we hold to the Head (Col. 2:19) and live in Christ.

So what does that have to do with the question of the Great Tribulation? Much, indeed. For, it separates us from those professors who are more concerned with this world and the things of this world than they are with God and the things of God. Matthew 24 was not addressed to the Body of Christ. It is addressed to the House of Israel, through the Twelve. It pertains to the coming earthly Kingdom which will be established as fulfillment of the promises made to Israel. All those things happen after the Body of Christ has been manifested with Christ in glory (Col. 3:4). We see events today which are pointing towards the Second Coming and the establishment of that Kingdom but, for us, the Body of Christ, we should continuing to “… press toward the mark unto the prize of the calling on high of God in Christ Jesus.” (Phil.3:14). There’s no shout. No voice of an archangel. No trumpet peal here, as in 1Thess._4:16 (which was an event for Israel, had they repented). In this event, Christ Himself is manifested, silently and invisibly. He receives those running the race. That’s “the Rapture” for the members of the Body of Christ. It’s a resurrection from out from the dead. The Greek is: anastasis nekron, the “out-resurrection”. It’s as though the Body has been surrounded by the dead since it’s inception. This event removes it from the dead which has encompassed it for so long.

Let us join with the Apostle Paul in leaving the “great house” of man-made religion, religious tradition and imagination behind, forgetting it all, and pressing on to the mark.

“Let us therefore, as many as be mature, have this in mind: and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal also this unto you. Nevertheless, to which point we have already come, let us walk by the same, let us mind the same thing. Brethren, become fellow-imitators of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for a pattern. (For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ whose end is destruction, whose god is their belly [own self], and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.) For our citizenship exists even now in the heavens; from which we eagerly wait for the Saviour also, the Lord Jesus Christ: Who shall change the fashion of our body of humiliation, to be conformed unto the body of His glory, according to the working of His ability even to subject all things unto Himself. ” (Phil. 3:15-21).

Remember: “If ye then were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Mind things above, not on things on the earth. For ye died, and your life has been laid up in store with Christ in God. When Christ, who is our life, shall be manifested, then shall ye also be manifested with Him in glory.” (Col. 3:1-4).

Even so, come Lord Jesus. I can hardly wait! How about you?

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The Friends and Followers of Jesus

April 10, 2012

Well, it’s happened again. Someone calling themselves a “follower of Jesus” chose to follow me on Twitter. In case you hadn’t guessed by now, I really resent this sort of thing.

Understand that, since I can count my friends on the fingers of one hand, writing about this will, more likely than not, be very costly for me. It’s not pleasant being unwelcome in places where many Christians congregate; Being told, in no uncertain terms that your words are of no value. But, that’s okay. I believe that I’m in good company, as I read Hebrews 11, which teaches that, those who decide that following God is better than pleasing Man, are usually rejected and ostracized by almost everyone they know, even by those who profess to serve God.

So, let’s get on with it.

No, I don’t resent the Twitter followers. What I resent is the tag some of them have been hanging on themselves lately.

“Follower of Jesus.”

What does that mean? Are these “followers” like the “followers” we read of in John 6?

“From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.” John 6:66 (KJV) [Look at that! I’ve never taken notice of that before. Is that possibly or coincidently, a characteristic of those who will become followers of the Beast?]

This happened after the worldly “followers” of the Lord Jesus found that the spiritual truth the Lord was trying to teach them was just a little more than they could swallow. “Many therefore of his disciples, when they had heard this, said, This is an hard saying; who can hear it?” John 6:60 (KJV).

And, what, pray tell, was this spiritual truth these “followers” found so distasteful? You may be asking.

“Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.” John 6:53 (KJV).

These “followers” couldn’t, with their worldly eyes, recognize a spiritual metaphor.

Why? This is the first scripture which comes to my mind: “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” I Cor. 2:14 (KJV).

So, those people in John 6 were so worldly-minded they were unable to grasp the metaphor the Lord Jesus was using. The only thing His words brought to their minds was cannibalism, which was scripturally forbidden. Gen. 9:2-6 (KJV). They were offended by His words, and turned away from the Lord of Life.

Fast-forward to 2012 A.D.

Being called a “Christian” has become politically incorrect. Secular society has, in the minds of many, successfully associated the word “Christian” with child molesters, right-wing radicals, the socially intolerant, the scientifically ignorant, and a host of other “nasties” that offend popular society. Sometimes, being a Christian, even in the West now, comes at a cost. That scares the Professors out there. Sadly, corrupt doctrine comes to their rescue, teaching that the Church needs to make accommodation for the world if it hopes to be relevant and reach the lost with the Gospel. (Actually, it’s so the Church Growth Movement hucksters can enlarge the borders of their tents and expand the capacity of their purses, but that’s another story altogether.) So now, the Professors have chosen to twist and ignore scripture. Compromising their faith to avoid what the Lord Jesus said would be one of the characteristics of a faithful Believer:

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 (KJV).

Compromising with the world, to gain wealth and avoid persecution. That’s the fruit of this corrupt neo-orthodox Christianity of the West. It’s a Christianity that requires nothing nor does it demand anything from it’s adherents.

So, what does all this have to do with the “friends” question above?

“And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.” Acts 11:26 (KJV)

The Bible, the complete, inspired, fully authoritative, inerrant, Word of God, is made-up of “words”. That should come as no surprise to anyone. What seems to escape a lot of Christians, especially those who are employed by Bible translation societies, is that the WORDS of the Bible were CHOSEN by GOD to communicate a particular message to those who were to read it. While changing those words to make the Bible support a particular theological, social, or political agenda, using texts found in some ancient archaeological trash bin, virtually guarantees the one committing the act, a one-way ticket to the Lake of Fire, Rev. 22:18-19, there is a deeper issue of Professing Believers IGNORING the CLEAR direction of the Word of God, because they”re offended by the Word or fearful of persecution because of the Word, and they’ve been given the “all clear” to do so by their “leaders”.

That is the problem I have with all these people running around calling themselves “friends” or “followers  of Jesus”.

The Word of God teaches that people who have become disciples of the Lord Jesus, are to be called “CHRISTIANS”. Not “followers” or “friends”, (that relationship is reserved for only a few of the original disciples, not everyone who claims the Name), of the Lord Jesus, but CHRISTIANS. The word was chosen by God to communicate a particular message. as were all the rest of those words. Just because that message offends the world:

“Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.” Mat. 24:9(KJV);

That does not mean we have the authority to change or alter either the context of the message, or the biblical designation of the messenger.

Some of you know me better than others. You know that, where Scripture is concerned, I am uncompromising, and I don’t care if feelings are hurt over it or not. I know, as Isaiah knew that “… I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips …”. I know that the world is full of false prophets; wolves in sheep’s clothing, who teach damnable doctrines of demons that can even deceive the Elect. So, when I am accused of being judgmental, because I am critical of those who treat the Word of God too lightly, I warn those accusers that they will be held responsible before God for the loose way they handled the Word of Truth; for their failure to rightly divide that same Word, thereby teaching and adhering to doctrines which arose from corrupt sources. My defense before God is that, to the best of my ability, I heard all that God had said, I believed all that God had said. I repented of my sinful life, and I trusted God for the rest of it. That’s the narrow gate, and adding to that, frequent self-examination, II Cor. 13:5, I John 5:15, I trust God to keep me on the narrow way. Matt. 7:14.

Are Professing Christians so ashamed of the Lord Jesus that they reject the title by which the Word states His disciples are to be known? How does that affect one’s unique relationship with the rest of the Body of Christ? I believe that such people are walking on deadly ground. I don’t believe these are actually saved (the “gospel” preached in most Western churches over the past 40-years or so, couldn’t save Green Stamps, let alone sinners and that’s what most Professors heard and believed). I do believe, however, that these Professors are running the risk of having their hearts hardened and their minds closed to the extent that they may never comprehend what God has said. That makes it difficult to comprehend and believe in the need for repentance unto salvation.

If you’re a Christian, embrace the title. God gave it to you. The sacrifice of the Lord Jesus made it possible for you to receive that righteous title and the salvation that goes along with it. Wear it in humility. You don’t deserve it. You didn’t earn it. It was a gift. It’s worth far more than any moniker you could invent out of your own imagination.

How Facebook Damages the Family

September 23, 2011

Hi Folks! How’s that for a catchy title? I got your attention with it, I’m sure.

So, you’re probably asking, what’s this posting going to be about. Maybe it’ll be all about my misspellings and abuses of grammar? No, not this time, besides, Blogilo utilizes gtkspell, which underlines all words not in the system dictionary with these cute little red squiggly lines. All I have to do is insure that the dictionary is correct and not add misspelled words to it.

This post has a single Biblical reference: “Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it. ” Prov. 22:6 (KJV).

The post is about Facebook and how the naivety of the founder, operators, and policy-makers of that Internet phenomenon have contributed to endangering children all across the country with their mis-guided, anarchist-like pursuit of “freedom”.

First of all, there are some useful aspects to Facebook that I should point out. It can make it easy to find things to write about. For instance, the following little tidbit was found on a “Friend’s” posting:

“New Pledge of Allegiance”

Now I sit me down in school,

Where praying is against the rules

For this great nation under God,

Finds mention of Him very odd.

If scripture now the class recites,

It violates the Bill of Rights.

And anytime my head I bow,

Becomes a Federal matter now.

Our hair can be purple, orange or green,

That’s no offense; it’s a freedom scene.

The law is specific, the law is precise.

Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice.

For praying in a public hall,

 Might offend someone with no faith at all.

In silence alone we must meditate,

God’s name is prohibited by the state.

We’re allowed to cuss and dress like freaks,

And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks.

They’ve outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible.

To quote the Good Book makes me liable.

We can elect a pregnant Senior Queen,

And the ‘unwed daddy,’ our Senior King.

It’s ‘inappropriate’ to teach right from wrong,

We’re taught that such ‘judgments’ do not belong.

We can get our condoms and birth controls,

Study witchcraft, vampires and totem poles.

But the Ten Commandments are not allowed,

No word of God must reach this crowd.

It’s scary here I must confess,

When chaos reigns the school’s a mess.

So, Lord, this silent plea I make:

Should I be shot; My soul please take!

Amen .

Now, I could comment upon that until the cows come home and never run out of material, but that’s not why I started writing this post.

You see, I’m baffled at how Facebook believes the “rights” of 13-year olds need to be protected. First, where did 13-year olds get “rights” to do anything other than follow the rules of their parents, teachers, and others in authority? Facebook seems to think the Federal Government has bestowed these “rights” upon them. Consequently, if your child, without your knowledge or permission, creates a Facebook account, affirming that they are at least 13-years of age, (weather they are or not doesn’t matter), at a friends house, or at the Public or school Library, using a Gmail or Yahoo email account created in the same rebellious manner, and then proceeds to use that Facebook account, with it’s real-time chat (instant messaging) facility to conspire with their friends to do things they know their parents would forbid them to do, apparently, that’s okay with Facebook because, should you discover this subterfuge, Facebook will not help you regain control of your child by removing the account. Even if you prove to them beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are the one responsible for the child, they will defend to the death the “right” of the child to have this secret way to communicate behind your back with “friends” or to permit strangers who do not have the best interest of the child at heart, to see suggestive and sensual photographs of your child. Children with cell phones equipped with cameras will often photograph themselves in suggestive poses and wearing sensual clothing. They post these photos on Facebook for all the world to see, especially when the child in question believes the more friends they have on Facebook, the more popular they are. I personally know of a 13-year old girl who “friended” almost six-hundred people who sent her friend requests, because she believed that would raise her status among the crowd she associated with in school. Most of these people she did not really know. Her parents did not know them, and she was unconcerned about the repercussions of making her personal contact information available to whomever asked. She even gave her user name and password away so other people could access her account.

That’s the sort of mentality Facebook believes needs to be protected from parental limitations.

Mark Zuckerberg must be a complete idiot if he believes that 13-year olds are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually mature enough to do anything that is beyond the reach and control of their parents. Well, one has to excuse him somewhat. After all, he attended Harvard (where Facebook first reared it’s ugly head), and he was born in 1984.

Look, I really don’t care what adults do with Facebook but Zuckerberg apparently didn’t take any early childhood development classes, (maybe they don’t offer such classes at Harvard), because he seems to be completely ignoring all the evidence indicating that a 13-year old child’s brain isn’t quite fully developed at that age, and what happens to them during this period of time can easily mess them up for life.

My thesis here is that Facebook contributes to the Progressive/Fabian Socialist belief that children should be reared by the State and the Family is irrelevant. That’s why they fall back on some imagined Federal Law prohibiting parents from accessing a child’s Facebook (or any other) account. They do this by giving tools to children as young as 13, which they can use to conspire against and evade the rules, limitations and the structure created by their parents. They place themselves in dangerous and compromising situations because they are ignorant, easily-manipulated, thrill-seeking, popularity-hunters. Believe me, children much younger than 13 are using these tools and for the same nefarious reasons I’ve mentioned. Should you, Gentle Parent, discover this has happened with your child and should you try putting a stop to it, Zuckerberg and Company will not help you. They will blame you, to be sure, but they will not help you.

But I will; At least, I’ll try.

Start by removing as much of your child’s presence on the Internet as you can.

If you have access to a computer your child uses to access Facebook, you at least have a chance to put a stop to their activities. I’ll assume that it’s a Windows-based system that you’re dealing with, at least initially.

First, install a keystroke logger program. I used one developed by Award Software. They are one of the companies who developed a lot of the BIOS firmware that starts-up every computer. Once installed, the key logger records every key typed on the keyboard and saves it in a file you can examine later. Mind you, the file and the program is hidden from plain view so your child has no idea what’s happening, unless you chose to enable a little splash that informs the user that their activities are being monitored. This file will contain the user name and password your child uses to access Facebook.

Having obtained this information, you can now take control of the account. Do it in this order. Change the contact email address to one your child does not know about. Be sure to delete any secondary addresses listed. Change the password. You’ll have to confirm this change by responding to a Facebook email sent to the email address you set for contact. Having done this, you can now disable the account. Once the account is disabled, proceed to request deletion. It’s important that once this has been done, do not log onto the account using the new information. That will reset the deletion request. The account must remain inactive for fourteen days, then it will be automatically deleted. The following is from the Facebook help center:

“If you deactivate your account from your Security Settings page, your profile and all information associated with it disappears from the Facebook service immediately. People on Facebook will not be able to search for you or view any of your information.

“In case you want to come back to Facebook at some point, we save your profile information (friends, photos, interests, etc.) so that your account will look just the way it did when you left. A lot of people deactivate their accounts for temporary reasons and expect their profiles to be there when they return to the service.

“If you do not think you will use Facebook again and would like your account deleted, keep in mind that you will not be able to reactivate your account or retrieve any of the content or information you have added. If you would like your account permanently deleted with no option for recovery, log in to your account and then submit your request here:”

The thing to remember is DO NOT use the account for fourteen days. That’s why we change the contact information to something only we know about.

Now, let’s say the fourteen days have expired and the account is gone, do you let your child use the Internet again?

Sure, but you have to go at it a little differently than before.

To really keep your child safe, you’ll need the cooperation of anyone, anywhere, who might make computers available for your child’s use. This includes schools, libraries, and the parents of their friends. What we intend to do is restrict the child’s access to the Internet to the home only. That’s where we can control it best. Assuming that’s possible, let’s move on.

Get a hold of another computer. This computer will not be Windows-based, but it will run the Linux operating system. This computer will be the one your child will use for all their computer work, especially, accessing the Internet. If you’re not familiar with Linux, contact a computer geek in your area who is. Ask them to install the Mageia 1 Linux distribution (which you can download and burn to a DVD), along with the Firewall Builder program, which you can also download. Whatever they ask for compensation will be well worth the price. Firewall Builder is program is what you’ll use to configure the computer to restrict Internet sites and the times when the Web browser will be able to function (let you friendly geek set it up initially, and show you how to manipulate the parameters later, if you think you will want to). Blocking access to or from sites like Facebook, MySpace, MyYearbook, etc. It may sound daunting at first but it’s easy, once you’ve been shown how. You can also restrict the Internet access times. Be as restrictive or generous as you like. As they get older, more and more children will need to access the Internet to complete homework assignments, so we need to be sensitive to their legitimate needs in that area. The tools mentioned make this possible.

So, why do we have to take all these precautions with the children of a Christian home? Because, like it or not, (remember: just because a mouse grows up in a cookie jar, doesn’t make him a cookie), our children are all sinners. They will remain sinners until they understand what Sin is, what it has done to them, and they recognize that they have a need for salvation. That’s the only way repentance will be realized in them and, because God is not mocked, repentance is a necessary prerequisite to salvation.

Now mind you, you’ll probably be unleashing a hornets nest if you do this, especially, if your child has become deeply involved in this manifestation of sin, but we have to persevere, for our children’s sake. You’re better off to implement this strategy before the problem develops. I knew a church pastor once who said that “Sin makes you stupid.” It does and it also makes you behave like a heroin addict when it’s taken away, so be prepared for some rough road ahead.

The Internet is a wonderful tool, but it’s also like a loaded gun and you, Dear Parent Reader, would do well to treat it as such. You wouldn’t let your child play with a loaded gun. Would you? Of course not, so don’t let them stray into Internet traffic un-escorted. Be their pedagog, as that is one of your responsibilities towards your children. It’s part of training them up in the way that they should go.

Having taken the reins of control back from your child, let Mr. Zuckerberg know what you’ve had to go through and politely ask him to reconsider his position on the matter. The age of Internet majority should be at least 18, as it is for most all other things. Schools, libraries and all places that permit public access to computers or have WiFi access should demand ID from people who look very young, just as they do for cigarette and alcohol purchases. A parent should be able to access and delete if necessary anything their child has created on an Internet site. Sites like Facebook need to develop ways to verify the age of the people who desire to use their site, and they must make it clear from the get-go that the accounts of users under 18 are accessible to their parents and/or guardians who are responsible for them.

Before I go, I would like to suggest that, if you have given your child a cell phone, take it back. Hundreds of generations of people have lived quite successful lives without the questionable “benefits” of cell phone usage. Children, and by “children”, I am referring to anyone under the age of 18, do not need to have a cell phone. Don’t cave into the world’s propaganda. Explain to your child that they are being manipulated by evil propagandists, (Madison Avenue marketing trolls), into desiring to have a cell phone and that no good will come of it.

It’s an evil, wicked world out there folks. Stand your ground. Defend your family. You’ll not regret that decision.

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I’m Proud to be a Christian and the Jesus Followers

September 19, 2010

I saw it a few days ago. You see, my wife dabbles with Facebook a bit and one day, she was on it and I caught a posting that shocked me, just a bit.

Someone had started a thread, (I don’t know the Facebook terminology, so please bear with me), called “I’m Proud to be a Christian!” I thought to myself how that statement was diametrically opposed to what the Bible teaches on the subject. The more I thought about it, the more steamed I became. Who in their right mind is “proud” of being a Christian?

In the Bible, pride is described as yet another symptom of Mankind’s sinful condition.

Job 26:12 reads: “He divideth the sea with his power, and by his understanding he smiteth through the proud.”

Psalm 12:3 goes on to say: “The Lord shall cut off all flattering lips, and the tongue that speaketh proud things”,

Psalm 40:4 continues: “Blessed is that man that maketh the Lord his trust, and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies.”

Psalm 105:5 keeps the pressure on: “Whoso privily slandereth his neighbour, him will I cut off: him that hath an high look and a proud heart will not I suffer.”

Psalm 124:4 describes an attitude of proud people: “Our soul is exceedingly filled with the scorning of those that are at ease, and with the contempt of the proud.”

Psalm 138:6 begs the question of Christian pride: “Though the Lord be high, yet hath he respect unto the lowly: but the proud he knoweth afar off.”

Proverbs 6:17 mentions pride in the list of the six things God hates: “A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood …”

Proverbs 15:25 tells us that: “The Lord will destroy the house of the proud: but he will establish the border of the widow.”

Proverbs 16:5 reminds us that strength in numbers and unity will fail the proud: “Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord:though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished.”

Proverbs 16:18 continues with warnings against pride. “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

Isaiah 2:12 teaches us that the Day of the Lord will humble the proud. “ For the day of the Lord of hosts shall be upon every one that is proud and lofty, and upon everyone that is lifted up; and he shall be brought low:”

Now, I’ve not listed all the Scripture references to pride in the Word, but I hope that I’ve encouraged you, Dear Reader, to check your common wisdom with the Words of God before jumping on the professing church’s bandwagon of Christian pride. That’s an oxymoron if ever there was, or at least, it should be. You brought nothing to the Cross. You did nothing to please God. You did not earn your salvation. You have NOTHING to be proud about! Go back to the foot of that old rugged cross and sit there for awhile. Contemplate what the Cross is and what it means. Repent! Come back to God and His Word while you still can.

Now, let’s talk about these “Jesus Followers,” for a minute. The first time I saw someone calling themselves a Jesus Follower was on Twitter. My question to all of you is: “Are you so ashamed of your Savior that you don’t want to be referred to as “little Christs” anymore? Must I remind you that many people were Jesus Followers while our Lord was here on earth and, according to the Word of God, the vast majority were lost! They refused His mission. They had their own agendas. They were not “little Christs” in any sense whatsoever. Is that what you really want to be?

I do understand why some people claim to be “proud” of their Christianity and likewise, I understand why some true Christians might be tempted to shed the title. We must do neither. We are not of this world. Our seat of government (our conversation), exists now, (“is” being used in the present tense), in heaven, as Phil. 3:20 reminds us: “For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ:” For the most part, the assemblies of the professing church have corrupted themselves through their adoption of and integration with the world systems. They behave shamefully and conduct themselves anti-biblically.

Nevertheless, we must keep our eyes focused upon what God has directed us to focus upon. It was God who chose the word “Christian” to refer to those who belong to the Body of Christ. We have not the authority to alter or modify that choice. One of the great failures of modern Christianity is allowing itself to be conformed to whatever image the world chose for it. Instead of being separated, it became integrated. It’s not a little deal. It’s a bloody, big deal. In this day and age of persecution and spiritual deception, the last thing we need is to have people who claim to be our brethren, undermining the authority of the Word that God gave us, all because parts of it rub them the wrong way. Our responsibility is to read it and conform our lives to it, as God gives us the ability, as Phil. 2:13 teaches: “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” Can’t you see; If you’re really His, you won’t want to follow after the world or your own depraved heart and mind. God will cause you to desire to follow Him, above all others, and give you all the strength you’ll need to follow Him also!

The God we worship and serve really has your best interest at heart. All you need to do to apprehend that knowledge and confidence is to open the book and read what God is saying to you.

Changing the National Age Limit for Drinking

August 20, 2008

When I first heard this, I couldn’t believe my ears. Then, when I heard that college professors (guys who think they are smart, not professing Christians), I was doubly shocked, but still it was to be expected.

These people are the epitome of Romans 1:22: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,”. Their reasoning comes right from the playbook of the SexEd folks, and parents who supply booze for their kids’ parties: “They are going to do it anyhow, so we might as well make it safe for them …”.

The idea that making drinking legal for eighteen year old children will somehow reduce “binge drinking” reveals the foolishness of the the advocates. Clearly, they have never read Proverbs:

“Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise,” Proverbs 20:1;

“It is not for kings, O Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wine; nor for princes strong drink: Lest they drink, and forget the law, and pervert the judgment of any of the afflicted,” Proverbs 31:4;

“He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man: he that loveth wine and oil shall not be rich,” Proverbs 21:17;

“Who hath woe? who hath sorrow? who hath contentions? who hath babbling? who hath wounds without cause? who hath redness of eyes?They that tarry long at the wine; they that go to seek mixed wine,” Proverbs 23:29-30.

Well, that’s just a few that come to mind.

When I was young, stupid, and hell bound, I did stupid things like that. God used the common sense and logic He gave me, to wake me up. I asked myself, “What sort of “friends” are they, when I can only tolerate being around them if I’m pickled?” They weren’t and I gave up that foolishness, figuring that if I had to be polluted to socialize with “the crowd”, then they weren’t worth the trouble. That was how I learned to avoid being a Lemming.

I suppose God had His eye on me, even back then. He could have just left me there; But had He done so, I wouldn’t be writing this today. Instead, I’d be hanging out in the neighborhood tavern, with a line of hard shots in front of me and a hooker on my arm.

Why write about something that Christians don’t normally do? Well, don’t you believe it. There are more “professing” Christians, or CINOs (Christian In Name Only), as I call them, who drink like fish, than anyone might imagine; and they fill church pews every Sunday, all over this country. Many of them are young, high school and college age, people. They need to understand that this sort of activity falls under biblical authority. Consider Galatians 5:19-21: “Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.”

Did you catch that: “… drunkenness, revellings, …”? That’s college binge drinking at frat houses. Now, the people who desire to reduce that activity want to make drinking legal for these deceived young people; Deceived firstly by parents and church “leaders” who told them they were saved just because they once prayed a superstitious prayer asking Jesus to come into their hearts, (find THAT anywhere in the Bible as a means of salvation)! Deceived by those in authority who want to make all manner of sinning “safe”, and deceiving themselves into believing that engaging in whatever sort of “socially-acceptable” form of immorality is okay, just because someone in “authority” says it’s okay.

I often find myself asking God to permit the Church to be physically persecuted, because all these CINOs would vanish from the assemblies, like rats deserting a sinking ship. Their phony-baloney “faith”, and all that goes with it, would not bear up under such conditions because, for them, it’s all about emotion and nothing to do with trusting God. They try to do what they feel God wants them to do, but they can’t because they’ve never heard from God; because they’ve never read their Bibles.

God doesn’t see things in shades of gray, like we all too often do. We either listen to Him and obey, or else. Thankfully, those of us who are really saved have help available.

“For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son,” Romans 8:29;

“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure,” Philippians 2:13.

“And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him:,” Colossians 3:12.

God, in this dispensation of Grace, causes our lives to be conformed to the image of Christ Jesus. When we slip, He doesn’t leave us in the slop we fell into: He lifts us out of it, disciplines us, and places our feet back on the narrow path.

If you, Dear Reader, believe yourself to be a Christian, then: “Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?”, II Corr. 13:5. The Epistle of I John is where you’ll find the tests. That’s what John wrote it for. “These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God,” I John 5:13.

Young Christian, trust God, not men. Lean on God, not your friends. Seek God’s approval (II Tim. 2:15), not the approval of men. Don’t cave in to this evil world system. Test yourselves.

Pharmacists for Life Coming Under Fire

August 9, 2008

There’s a group of Pharmacists, some of whom are also members of the household of faith, who have organized themselves against the tide of immorality and murder that has swept the nation. They don’t sell contraceptives of any sort. And, as to be expected, the media is working overtime to make them look like a bunch of repressive idiots! Suggestions were put forth on ABC, that perhaps more states should pass laws to force Pharmacists to sell them, regardless.

From where I sit, these folks are to be applauded. They are standing up for their beliefs in the face of an assault brought upon them by a society that never fails to make exception for every sort of restriction that might be placed upon people’s sexual conduct. Society, with very few exceptions, makes excuses for all manner of immorality that Mankind can commit.

The Bible is pretty clear about fornication, homosexuality, and abortion, just as it is on the subject of hypocrisy. The Bible would teach us that it would be hypocritical to say you are against conduct and activities that the Bible speaks against, and yet, to make money by selling products and services which contribute to, or make possible, the very things one has spoken against. A Christian pharmacist cannot sell contraceptives in any form, any more than a Christian doctor can abort babies.

If someone, Christian or not, has a legitimate, (non-immoral), need for these products, under the current conditions, they should do business with a different Pharmacy, not take them before the law, in an effort to force them to do something which is Sin in the eyes of the pharmacist concerned.

If more of us adopted this view, we would make much more of a difference than we do today.

Being Separate

July 18, 2008

In this post-Christian world in which we live in, so many professing Christians resist the call to being separated from the world. In fact, there seems to be some bizarre badge of honor associated with being as worldly as possible. Is it possible that many people claiming to be Christians, are not in fact Christians: Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. (Matthew 7:21)

Searching the web, it is possible to find all sorts of perversions of Christianity. Gay ‘Christians’, Bisexual ‘Christians’, ‘Christian’ Goths, ‘Christian’ Tattoo Artists, ‘Christian’ Bikers; the list is endless. All have one thing in common. They claim to be Christian – but their fruit all too often tells a different tale: “And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.” (Matthew 6:5)

Claiming it’s done to enable effective evangelism of the secular version of the groups concerned is utter foolishness. It makes about as much sense as becoming a murderer or a child molester so that one might be more effective at witnessing to murderers and child molesters.

The Word of God and the Words of God have power. Heb 4:12 reads: “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” It’s the preaching of the Gospel that brings people to Jesus (Rom. 10:14), and faith comes by hearing and believing what God has said (Rom. 10:17), not the appearance of the speaker; not the “personal” testimony of one person claiming to have been much worse than some other person. Only the Word of God. Those secular groups will sorely test all those who appear in their venues flaunting a “Christian” whatever label, looking for the hypocrite whereas, they might listen to a preacher of the Word who acts in a respectful and Christlike manner towards them, even if that preacher is wearing a sports jacket or a three-piece suit.

Concerning the “Christian Bikers”, all of those whom I know are worldly, prideful, narcissistic, egotists. Too many ride motorcycles that have a price tag which rivals many people’s homes, and they behave in a manner that shouts “look at me!” Have they forgotten about the poor and hungry in their midst?

1Thess 5:22 tells us to “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” Now, even to the lost, there are things which they consider to be evil, (not able to comprehend that they themselves are also evil), hence the numerous RICO actions taken against the Outlaw motorcycle clubs, or one-percenters, as they like to refer to themselves. The world believes them to be evil (or at least, eviler than they are). Why, oh why, would someone who professes to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ desire to appear as someone from a group that even the world considers to be evil?

Some professing youth have adopted the Gothic look – those who have remind me more of actors in a really bad George Romero zombie film than they do of preachers of the Gospel. God is not the God of the dead, but the living. Body piercings, cuttings, tattoos, bizarre body painting; these are all hallmarks of the pagan, demon-worshiping religions of this world; past and present. To appear like them is to make an outward denial of your supposed Savior.

Let’s not overlook the so-called “Hip-Hop” lifestyle that many youth find so popular. This bred-in-prison way of dress and the “rapping” that masquerades as music which accompanies it is downright sinister. All of these things have the “appearance” of evil, and they are all designed to draw attention to oneself.

The professing girls are, however, are the worst offenders. Worldly girls dress like strumpets: it’s the popular style, and, as expected, professing girls are right smack dab in the middle of it with them. (I suspect the reason not much is said about this offense is that the leaders of many assemblies are closet lechers who are lusting after them.) Again, it’s designed to draw attention to oneself and, in this case, it often causes men to stumble. You girls are deliberately causing men to stumble into sin. What do you think God thinks of the person who causes one of His to fall into Sin, eh? Do you not think you will be called to answer for this?

Referring back to the second paragraph above, Jesus said that those who appear in a manner with the intent of drawing attention to themselves are hypocrites, that hypocrisy was their reward, and those who desired to follow after him should not do these things. Jesus does not want His followers to be confused with the followers of the sinful world system. In fact, Paul tells us that if you belong to Him, He will not only cause you to desire to do the will of God, but He will give you the strength and whatever else is necessary to actually do God’s will. Phil 2:13 reads “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.”

If you profess a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, you should not be found in the world’s things. If you find yourself there, you are not bringing glory to God (to give Him Glory is your only purpose as a Christian). Rom 15:5 and 6 record: “Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Christ Jesus: That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Does the Scripture offend you? Perhaps your relationship with God is not what you have been led to believe it is. Perhaps you need to hear what God has said, believe it, repent of your sin and be saved.

Then, and only then, if it is according to God’s will for you, He may send you back to the people-group He saved you out of, to be a preacher of the Gospel, and everyone will know that you are no longer a part of that group. It will be obvious that something radical and dramatic has changed in your life. It will draw attention to the Changer, not the one changed, when they ask: “What happened to you?” It will in accord with God’s perfect will, whatever He leads you to do; It will be in accord with God’s Word, which is how His will is revealed to us today. It will be all about Him and not all about you.